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"The Hollywood Stars Tattoo Creed: Embodying Artistic Excellence and Integrity"

The Hollywood Stars Tattoo Creed

I am the backbone of Hollywood Stars Tattoo; I am a Tattoo Artist, a visionary, and brother

I serve as a vital link between our clients, the studio, and all the artists.

I will never forget who I am or what I represent as an artist.

I will push myself to the limits and remain dedicated to my craft.

I am now, more than ever, committed to excellence in all my artistry, setting the perfect example for fellow artists.

I will utilize all my energy, knowledge, and skills to inspire confidence in those I mentor.

I will continuously strive to enhance my own artistic abilities and become a skilled leader.

Above all, I will be truthful in my art and actions.

My integrity will be as impeccable as my artistic flair.

I will be honest with myself, my clients, and my fellow artists.

I pledge to embody all the traits of an exceptional artist, for it is the legacy I have inherited from the long line of professionals who have left a mark of excellence before me.

I must give my very best to our clients, the studio, and the art I create, for today I etch beauty in peace, but tomorrow, I may create masterpieces that speak louder than words.

As an artist, I stand tall and proud, dedicated to the artistry that defines Hollywood Stars Tattoo.


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