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Hollywood Stars Tattoo was founded in 2004 by Erik Gutierrez and his brother Luis. 

Coming from a well-rounded background in tattooing with a strong sense of family values, Hollywood Stars Tattoo was created with the intent of making a safe environment for our kids. Both brothers had young children and didn't have the opportunity to spend much quality time with them due to work schedules and regulations at the workplace. We figured if we owned our own business we can keep our kids with us anytime instead of putting them in daycare or inconveniencing a relative. If we made our space safe enough for our own kids that meant every client would feel welcomed and good about their experience, just like they would be if they were to come to our own homes. 

Since the shop began in 2004, it has always been about making a better life for ourselves and our families. Not too many know that we had zero money and absolutely no experience in owning and running a business. For the first ten years, we were almost running completely on autopilot and instincts. We were working so hard just to stay afloat that we paid no attention to how a business should run, we had one main principle, make people feel good about doing business with us.  Although we came from a hood background our mission was to get as far away from our hood ways.  We have worked tirelessly to create an environment that is comfortable, family-friendly, professional and safe.  We are very particular when it comes to hiring the right artist.  Our artists train intensely in their craft and each brings a niche that they specialize in to the table.  They must fit within our family environment and our principle, "make people feel good about doing business with us."

Over the course of time that the shop has been open our kids are now grown, with the exception of Luis having a teenager, young toddler and a newborn. We did the best we could to set the right examples in their lives.  We continue to work on our characters, not only to be remembered by our great work but the good we do in the lives of all those we come across as well.  We have felt the blessings with every client that has bleessed us with their presence.  Because unknown to many of our clients we have prayed for many years for them to show up at the exact time and place we needed them to.  They also serve as a reminder to us to always stay humble and greatful for every day we have our doors open.  Year after year we have made improvements to ourselves and our studio, allowing us to give our guest a luxurious experience as a thank you for choosing and staying with us.  We have seen every high and low imaginable, but there is one thing that has kept us going... family. Every person from every walk of life that comes through our doors leaves feeling blessed and feels apart of our family for life.  We are grateful for every single one of you.

Come and see us and see what sets us apart from every other shop in Los Angeles. 

Welcome to the family.


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